Our Founding Scientist

Dr Edward Lee is the Founding President & Chief Research Scientist (CRS) of the Institute of Mathematical Numerical Sciences™ (IMNS™) & the Founder & Chief Numbers Scientist / Chief Careers Scientist of https://unravel-your-best-careers.com.

https://unravel-your-best-careers™.com is a PORTAL dedicated to a fully ONLINE READING of your BEST POTENTIALS CAREERS (although ALL OTHER types of Readings are available). Our ONLINE READING is based on a SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN, proprietary Methodology (We are therefore STRICTLY NOT FORTUNE TELLERS.)

Our Methodology entitled the Mathematical Numerical Sciences [MNS™] Methodology is a Method of calculating ALL Events (eg. US Presidential Election 2020 & 2016 / Natural Disaster Events – like Typhoon, Flood, Building Collapse etc. etc. & People (eg. All Life Events of People – Good or Bad, Best Potentials Careers, Best Life’s Partners, Best Business Partner(s), Best Dates – including Specific Year, Month & Day to start one’s Entrepreneurial journey etc. etc. & including Past Lives predictions / verifications – both Good & Bad).

We (https://unravel-your-best-careers™.com /  Institute of Mathematical Numerical Sciences™ (IMNS™) hold the proprietary Rights to the Mathematical Numerical Sciences™ (MNS™) Methodology, having been granted protection under the Intellectual Property Rights law.  This Methodology is a method fully verified under the Scientific Method – meaning it’s a Empirically-Based, including it being Falsifiable.

With a continuing interest in science & how it converges with related disciplines, Dr Edward Lee holds the professional memberships of the Institute of Noetic Sciences [IONS] (based in California, US), as well as, the Scientific Medical Network  [SMN] (based in London, UK).

And being a true aficionado & advocate of furthering the causes of best careers for all, he is also a member of the Association of Training Development.